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11:44 AM

Photo taken by my best friend, Carolyn, at my hometown's art gallery. 10.8.16.

Hey guys!

This past weekend, my best friend/roomie and I decided to take a trip to my hometown to temporarily escape the pre-midterm chaos ensuing on my college campus. 

Our weekend essentially consisted of us stuffing our faces with my favorite food joints' delicacies: tacos, green juice, lattes--you name it, we probably ate it.

Actually, I had to keep telling my mom not to buy so much food for us; after all, we were only really in my hometown for two days. Despite my objections, my mom, being the overgenerous sweetheart she is, bought me flowers, a loaf of zucchini bread, and a jug of apple cider. My parents are the best, and I don't think I'll ever be able to truly attest to their generosity and selflessness.

Although I was sick with a cold during this mini vacation, being at home was a great change of pace from the repetitive routine I am forced to follow while at school. I can't wait to be back home again for Thanksgiving! 

The pictures featured in this OOTD post were taken by my best friend Carolyn at my local art gallery. In fact, this gallery is actually featured in another OOTD shoot I posted on this blog, "Northern Lights | OOTD." If you like the art (or me), be sure to check that one out too! ;)

Outfit details listed below.

bodysuit: H&M
bralette: Aerie
tomgirl jeans: American Eagle Outfitters
sneakers: Adidas Originals
purse: Rebecca Minkoff

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