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Venice. No filter. No lie.
Photo taken by me.

Oh, hey! Wassup?

This is kind of a random one, but today I decided to write about travel. I have always loved going on family vacations, but up until a little over a year ago, all of my travel had pretty much been limited to within the United States. Which I'm not complaining about, because this country has a lot of pretty cool things to offer.

Last February, however, everything changed. I acquired a passport, and I ventured across the Atlantic to Italy. For the first time, I was face-to-face with things I had previously only read about in textbooks or seen on television. I realized that there was so much out there for me to explore, so many unseen places. It was utterly overwhelming and humbling.

Me, posing awkwardly outside Il Duomo in Florence.
Photo taken by my friend, Lauren.

As I ventured down the Italian boot, making my way from Venice, to Florence, and finally to Rome, I finally realized my long-buried passion for foreign travel. The whole world became my playground, at least in my mind. I dreamed of strolling by Big Ben in London, eating takoyaki in Tokyo, and sunning by a pool in Bangkok.

Of course, money puts a limit on everything. Airfare nowadays is so expensive, hindering my ability to make these dreams reality. But I know that my passion for travel will work its way out somehow, and I plan on visiting dozens, even hundreds of cities and countries before I die.

Alleyway in San Gimignano, Tuscany.
Photo taken by me.

And I guess I must have done something right, because this upcoming fall I will be returning to Italy for three months for study abroad! If you had told me last February, when I visited Italy for the first time, that I would be back a little over a year later, I would have never believed it. But it's true; three of my best friends and I will be making the lengthy flight to the boot in just a few short months. Gelato, pasta and wine, here I come (no worries, I will be doing plenty of documentation of everything that I see and eat)!

So if you love travel as much as I do, don't give up on your dreams, whether you be concerned about money or homesickness. If your wanderlust is strong enough, you will find a way to experience the cultures you so desire to immerse yourself in.

Now, how am I going to pack enough clothes to last three months...?

Talk again soon!


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  1. Oh, I love Italy. And I haven't travel much - some Germany, Croatia and Italy. And I saw many beautiful things, met a lot of amazing people but I fell in love with Italy. This place is amazing, the architecture, the culture, food and people. I wish I could just buy some gorgeous apartment and walk down this fashion street.
    But amazing what you wrote and I love the pictures,

    LP: #F Is For Feminism.

    1. Thank you so much for commenting! Italy truly is a special place. It's almost hard to believe it's real! :) Good luck with the rest of your travels!

  2. Replies
    1. Wait, how have I never seen your blog? Your style is literally my goals. Thanks for your comment :)

  3. I love it! Italy is indeed amazing! I might be going this August!
    Dora www.bangsbang.com

    1. Ahh that's amazing! I hope you end up being able to go, it was one of the best experiences of my life! The food's not bad either :)


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