Summer Haul! featuring Brandy Mellville, American Apparel and more!

12:56 PM

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the delay; I've been crazy busy lately and haven't had much time to blog. Luckily things have died down, so now I plan on posting more regularly!

I recently did a little shopping and bought a few things from Brandy Melville, American Apparel, Ted Baker and Jack Rogers for summer and early fall. A lot of these items were things I had been eyeing for a long time and finally decided to buy, and I'm so happy with everything I purchased! I hope you enjoy this haul, and I would love to hear about any of your recent purchases (don't be afraid to leave a comment below or link me to your own haul! :) ). Okay, enough with the chit-chat, let's go!

My first purchase from Brandy Melville was this adorable floral crop tee. It's made of a stretchy, soft fabric, which makes it super comfortable despite the fact that it is very tight-fitted. I bought this primarily because I knew I would be purchasing a denim circle skirt from American Apparel, and I really wanted a cute, patterned crop top to pair with it. You can count on me buying many more of these adorable tops in the future!

My next purchase, also from Brandy Melville, was this black bralette. With its caged back detailing, this top will be perfect to pair with low-back and sheer tops. It's made out of very durable, stretchy material, so I know it will hold up well. Brandy Melville carries these bralettes in a multitude of colors in patterns, so I definitely recommend checking them out if you're in need of a new bandeau or bralette!

Next I bought this flouncy cropped camisole from Brandy Melville. I fell in love with the double-strap detailing and its handkerchief style. It sits really nicely on me, but I do have to say it bares a decent amount of my stomach. I absolutely adore the pattern on this top; I don't own anything else with sunflowers! When I purchased this top, I pictured it paired with either denim shorts (white or blue) or jeans and a long cardigan in the fall and winter.

Finally, my last purchase from Brandy Melville was this floral wire headband (yes, it's the exact same pattern as my floral crop tee!). Unlike most of the headbands I own, this isn't too tight, and it'll add some fun to any outfit I wear, casual or dressy. Plus, it was really cheap ($3)! This headband will be perfect for those days that I don't really feel like putting a lot of effort into my hair.

The next store I visited was American Apparel. Ever since I watched some DIY bow tutorials on YouTube, I've been dying to buy one of these babies. Initially, I had planned on buying a navy blue bow, thinking that it would be more versatile than any of the other colors they carried; however, American Apparel only has SUPER HUGE navy blue bows, so I opted for this light pink bow instead. I can't wait to wear this in a half-up, half-down hairstyle!

As I mentioned before, I had also been planning on purchasing a denim circle skirt from American Apparel. This skirt is made out of super thick denim and is really good quality, and it fits me like a glove. I've actually already worn this and received a ton of compliments. Just like a pair of jean shorts, this skirt will go with practically any top, and I can't wait to buy more skirts from American Apparel in the future!

Moving on, I also visited Ted Baker, where I picked up this lovely pink-and-gray wash bag. Ted Baker recently stopped producing bags in this shape, but I was lucky enough to have a wonderful saleswoman who checked in the back to see if they happened to have any of the old bags left, and VOILA! I left with this darling. I love the pink and gray together, and the metal hardware is rose gold (not real, of course!). How adorable, right?

My last purchase for this haul was a pair of platinum Jack Rogers wedges. I have heard from others that these shoes last forever, which justifies the fact that they're slightly pricey. I opted for the light gold color because I figured, unlike bright colors, they would be much more versatile. As you can probably tell from the picture, I've already broken these sandals in and have found that, despite the slight wedge they have, these sandals are incredibly comfortable and don't make my feet ache in the slightest. I can't wait to wear these the rest of the summer!

That's it for my haul! I hope you enjoyed, and stay tuned for many more posts. I wish you all a wonderful August!

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